ars333 (ars333) wrote,

Фашистские войска перешли границу

Roland Oliphant @RolandOliphant · 1 ч
Didn't even turn off their headlights. Saw Russian military plates on support vehicles, but no markings I could make out on APCs.
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Roland Oliphant @RolandOliphant · 1 ч
.@shaunwalker7 and I just witnessed a not insubstantial column of APCs and trucks slipping across the border into Ukraine.

Shaun Walker @shaunwalker7 · 1 ч
So @RolandOliphant and I just saw a column of APCs and vehicles with official Russian military plates cross border into Ukraine.

даже не снимая номера и не выключая свет, невообразимая колонна БТРов и грузовиков прошла через границу в Украину.

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