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Как террористические войска РФ уничтожают Украину для телекартинки

Оригинал взят у ibigdan в Как террористические войска РФ уничтожают Украину для телекартинки
Оригинал взят у pan_andriy в для телекартинки

Russians destroy civilian buildings in Vuhlehirsk just for Russian tv
In this video you can see a Russian tank in Vuhlehirsk shooting at a 9 level-residential building. A Russian 'reporter' tells some story about Right Sector bla bla and snipers or so.

They had already been shooting it:

They shoot it again:

No fighting is going on. Nobody fires back.

This is were they are:

Red arrow = route they take to approach the building Zoomed in:

Red arrow = where they shot a hole in the side of the building

On a larger scale:

Orange = recent front line and Minsk demarcation line
Dotted orange line = conquered city of Vuhlehirsk by Russians
Red arrow = their position

As can be seen they are in safe area, surrounded by the quarters of Vuhlehirsk. They drive AWAY from the frontline, NOT TOWARDS the frontline.

Furthermore, NO fighting of firing is going on. The reporter ducks his head all the time, but that is just for show.

The Russians just shoot with a tank on Ukrainian apartment buildings while there is NO military threat, just for fun and to make some good Russian tv.
Such kind of senseless destruction against civilians property is a war crime. It is very well possible that civilians may have got killed or wounded because of this.

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