ars333 (ars333) wrote,

Я - гусский. Почти.

You are 38% Russian!

It may be that you've been in emigration for too long. Time to watch some old Victory Day parades on video and remember your roots.

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А вот пример одного из 20 вопросов:

3. How do you feel about vodka?
Never tried it - I'm not into the hard stuff.
I've had it once or twice in mixed drinks.
Tried it, didn't like it.
I like a cold shot, with a chaser.
I'll drink it in any form, as long as I'm with friends and somebody remembered to bring the herring and black bread.
Wanna split a bottle with me? There's a kiosk right here.

Блин, я переответил вопрос про Винни-Пуха, и мне сказали, что я был летом в Санкт-Петербурге на курсах русского языка и уже возомнил себя русским!
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